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Here Are the Apparel Retailers That May Have a Bad Holiday Season

Bloated inventories could turn the year's busiest shopping weeks into a nightmare for these retailers, which could lead to bankruptcy.
The #ProductEmpties We Loved to the Last Drop

From new finds to longtime favorites, these are beauty products that our editors use until the bitter end (of the tube)
Millennials' One-School Policy Has Some In Higher Ed Running Scared

FAFSA data reveals that the majority of college seniors only send out one college application.
12 Most Influential Black Women in Hollywood Right Now

From trailblazing directors to on-screen inspirations, the African American women making progress in today's tinseltown
3 Tech IPOs That Are Safe Deals for Investors

Congatec Holding, Mimecast and Instructure are safe IPOs in the tech market.
Wu-Tang Clan Sell 'Rarest Album Ever' for Millions

Wu-Tang Clan just sold what they're calling the rarest album ever created: Once Upon a Time in Shaolin , just a single copy of which exists . The record, which took from 2006 to 2013 to make and features contributions from every surviving member of the group, has been stored in a...
SNL Silences Your Family Crazies at Thanksgiving

Adele unveiled a new album on Friday , then dropped a powerhouse performance on Saturday Night Live, and just for kicks can apparently stop your resident crazy relatives in their Thanksgiving-ruining tracks, reports the Washington Post . The British singer was the musical guest on Saturday's show, but she made a tangential...
5 Things to Buy Before (or After) Black Friday

Black Friday is for suckers. Though Black Friday has engulfed Thanksgiving and the entire weekend afterward, some of the best November holiday shopping before it.
Homebuying Millennials Try to Find Real Estate Footing

While recent numbers show first-time home buying overall is down, Millennials are just starting to get into the market with a desire to buy -- but are they ready?
Fees Down, Tougher Security Features Mark New Era for Gift Cards

Gift cards are increasingly popular this holiday season, as mobile, security, low fees drive demand.
Top 5 US cities for building wealth

When it comes to helping regular people build wealth, these cities rock.
Like milk, credit cards expire. But why?

Those annoying dates serve a useful purpose. Learn how they protect you from fraud.
Preventing Medical Bankruptcy

If youre worried medical expenses could overwhelm you, there are some thing you can do to ease your concerns.
Now Could Be The Time To Buy IPOs

There has been lots of hype around the IPO market lately. We'll take a look at whether now is the time to buy.
Colbert Is Turning Off Conservative Viewers

Ten weeks after his debut as host of The Late Show , Stephen Colbert is falling behind in the late night race, Mediaite reports. And the answer why seems obvious: "Old Comedy Central habits die hard." Colbert is alienating conservative viewers with jokes at the expense of such targets as people...
Allstate: How Being Boring Earns it Billions (ALL)

A summary of what Allstate Insurance sells and whom it sells it to including recent mergers and acquisitions that have helped boost its bottom line.
Documents Reveal What Ex-Wife Thinks of Jared Fogle

Aug. 19 brought two Jared Fogle-related headlines: The former Subway spokesman reached a plea deal with the feds on charges related to child porn and having sex with minors, and Kathleen Fogle filed for divorce . That divorce was finalized Nov. 16, reports the AP , and Fox59 reports on what court...
The Ultimate Foodie Gift Guide

14 healthy food gifts for people who love to cook (or just eat)
Compare the ins and outs of 60 gift cards

Bankrate looks at the terms and features of 60 gift cards. Find the right card for you.
Graze to own: Can neighbor squat using goats?

My neighbor thinks he can seize a vacant lot by putting goats on it. Can the tactic work?
21 Worthless Foods a Nutritionist Will Immediately Cut From Your Diet

Want to start eating healthier and lose weight? Four nutrition experts share the red-flag foods you should avoid as part of a healthy diet.
Home equity loan rates for June 11, 2015

Here are the average home equity rates from Bankrate's weekly survey of large banks and thrifts.
A Smart Guide To Scary Chemicals

Every week, our Facebook feeds explode with new warnings about toxins in our daily lives. But is that couch with flame retardants or your nonstick skillet really going to kill you? We dug deep into the research to find out which chemicals actually pose a risk and what we all can do about them right now.
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Planned Parenthood Shooting Over; 1 Officer Dead
An active shooting situation at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic is over, but at least one of the officers who was shot has died, the Denver Post reports. At least 10 other people, including other officers, were wounded, but the severity of their injuries wasn't known, reports AP . Police... More >
Latest News
Daily Injections Could Be Thing of Past for Diabetics
A new treatment going through clinical trials could mean the end of daily insulin injections for diabetics—and could even have huge benefits for people suffering from arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity, the Independent reports. "This could be a game-changer," one University of California, San Francisco researcher says in a... More >
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