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5 Spring Makeup Sets That Make Everything Better

Inspired more by stormy April showers than blooming buds, these limited-edition sets channel spring with vibrant violets, deep shimmers and moody hues
8 Stylish Ways to Wear a Beanie

Extreme cold calls for these extremely warm (and adorable!) beanies
'Genius' Mayweather Will Make $180M for One Fight

There's a reason Floyd Mayweather sits atop the Forbes list of highest-paid athletes, and tomorrow night's pay-per-view fight against Manny Pacquiao provides a good example of it. The AP estimates that Mayweather will take home $180 million for one night's work, while Pacquiao's team can expect $120 million. Mayweather, whose...
Vonn, Woods Call It Quits

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn are no longer a power couple in American sports. Golf's biggest star and the Olympic ski champion said today they were breaking up after more than two years. But in ending their relationship, both were in complete harmony in their separate announcements on social media,...
Seniors, strike it rich: Make a million after 70

If you're determined to do so, you can make a million bucks even in the twilight years.
'Fault in Our Stars' author's house for sale

You'll fall in love with this house the way you fall asleep; slowly and then all at once.
How much does M1 enhance the multiplier effect of fractional reserve banking?

Explore the impact of M1 on the economy and how the Federal Reserve uses it. Find out how the fractional banking system and the money multiplier work.
Which stocks in the electronics sector pay the highest dividends?

Learn about the factors you need to consider in order to receive high dividend yields before you starts investing your hard-earned income.
William, Kate Reveal Their Daughter's Name

The royal baby has a name. "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to announce that they have named their daughter Charlotte Elizabeth Diana," Kensington Palace announced on Twitter . "The baby will be known as Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge." The name, of course, appears to honor...
Understanding Marketing

Marketing includes all of the activities of a company associated with buying and selling a product or service.
Carly Fiorina Has a Domain Name Problem

Carly Fiorina announced her presidential candidacy today, and Internet trolls didn't waste time taking her on. It seems Fiorina failed to buy CarlyFiorina.org , and now she's facing the consequences, Gizmodo reports: Someone else bought it and filled it with 30,000 sad faces to represent the people Fiorina laid...
4 Nutrients to Help You Sleep Better

Having trouble falling—or staying—asleep? These nutrients can help you get your rest tonight.
10 states with the most credit card debt

Which state is No. 1? It'll take people there 11 years to pay off credit card debt.
Video: Saving for a goal

If you want to save for a goal, you have to pass up the now for the future. Here's how.
What you should know about land loans

So you want to buy land? Getting a land loan is different from a traditional mortgage.
6 Ways Your Mobile Devices Are Hurting Your Body

Just ask your neck, shoulders and back. But with a few adjustments, you won't have to give up emojis or binge-watching.
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Sheryl Sandberg's Husband 'Cracked Head Open' at Gym
A Silicon Valley entrepreneur and champion of women's rights who died unexpectedly Friday passed away from head trauma after falling off a treadmill, the New York Times reports. Dave Goldberg, 47, was exercising at a gym in a private resort in Mexico when he collapsed, according to a source close... More >
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Latest Abortion Fight Centers on 10-Year-Old Rape Victim
The girl is 10 years old, 22 weeks pregnant with the child of the stepfather who raped and impregnated her even after he was reported to social services. And she's the subject of a fierce debate among adults over the moral, legal, physical, and psychological implications of whether she should... More >
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