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Ratification Is Unclear for New Tentative UAW Contract With Fiat Chrysler

Automaker Fiat Chrysler improves its original wage offer in a bid to harmonize two wage scales.
Kelly Osbourne and M.A.C. Make All Our Dreams Come True

Kelly and Sharon Osbourne's limited edition collection hits shelves next week
Retirees Want To Align Their Values To Portfolios But How?

Socially responsible investing remains a retirement saver's priority, but at what cost?
11 Chic Ways to Accessorize With Fringe

From tasseled boots to scarves to bags, fringe is back, and it's anything but cowgirl
Where the Good News Is; Oil's Heading Up Again: Jim Cramer's Best Blogs

Catch up on Jim Cramer's ideas from this past week as he discusses what's really behind oil's price spike, and the bright spots in the current market.
Randy Quaid Arrested in Canada

American actor Randy Quaid says he could be deported from Canada next week and that he'd like to resolve his legal issues in California and "move on with my life." In a phone interview with the AP on Wednesday from a detention center in Laval, Quebec, Quaid said he was...
Hey, Lauren From Fordham, Tom Hanks Found Your ID

All Tom Hanks fans wish they were Lauren from Fordham University today. Hanks posted a picture online Tuesday of a student ID from the school, bearing that moniker and a photo but with the last name blocked by his thumb. "Lauren! I found your Student ID in the park," reads...
5 Ways NFL Fans Lost the Personal Seat License Gamble

Now 20 years after the NFL adopted personal seat licenses as a means of paying for stadium improvements, many fans who purchased them are left holding the bill.
Employees to the Boss: 'Keep Your Raise, I Want A Vacation'

It's well known that overworked Americans would love a few days off. You'll be surprised by just what they're willing to give up for it.
Deadly Selfie Sticks Banned From These Tourist Attractions

Tourists are dying in pursuit of taking that perfect picture of themselves while traveling. Here's your guide to where the sticks are prohibited.
Should kids pay mom's debt after death?

When a parent dies with a few debts, are those debts passed on to the children?
What can I do if I'm denied a car loan?

If you're refused an auto loan, follow these tips to boost your credit.
Infinera Unveils Unified Portfolio

Networking gear maker Infinera (NASDAQ: INFN) believes it's chasing a $15 billion market opportunity. Earlier this week, the company unveiled a beefed-up product portfolio aimed at cashing in. New metro (i.e., in and around a city) and long-haul (i.e., between metro areas) network platforms for carrying different types of data at no less than 100 gigabits per second (GB/s) highlight Infinera's upgraded offerings.
What Does Brick and Mortar Mean?

Brick and mortar stores are traditional street-side businesses that deal with customers face-to-face.
Meryl Streep Faces Backlash Over 'Slave' T-Shirt

Even if you're doing it to tout a socially acceptable topic like women's rights, you may not want to go around wearing a T-shirt declaring, "I'd rather be a rebel than a slave" unless you're prepared for a bit of a controversy. But that's what Meryl Streep and three other...
6 Neighborhood Red Flags

There are some qualities you cant discover about a neighborhood until after youve moved in. But there are ways to scout out red flags ahead of time.
Maine Principal Cancels Dances, Blames 'MTV/VHS'

A Maine high school is doing away with all dances except the "classier" prom this year, the principal announced in an open letter to parents, and "modern dance culture" lies at the heart of the move. Dating himself considerably (or perhaps forgetting how VH1 is spelled), Gorham High School Principal...
12 Facts You Should Know About Ovarian Cysts

What are ovarian cysts? Experts explain this common (and usually harmless) condition.
Should you get a mortgage from a credit union?

There are at least 3 reasons to seek a credit union when you shop for a mortgage.
Expensive surprise with reverse mortgage

If you're unhappy with a reverse mortgage, you do have some options and decisions to make.
Old-Fashioned Food Remedies That Really Work

No more rolling your eyes at old-school remediesthese foods have plenty of health cred.
Is ex liable for interest charges on card bill?

You may need to go to court to get him to pay. Here's why.
11 Ways to Boost Your Energy With Food

Feeling sluggish? Healthy fats, iron-rich foods, and smart snacking can help you fight fatigue.
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In an Alaska Village, a Suicidal Domino Effect
A Native village on Alaska's western coast is reeling from back-to-back suicides of three young adults—with each subsequent death influenced by the preceding one. The first death occurred Sept. 24 with the suicide of a 26-year-old man. Alaska State Troopers say the second death occurred Oct. 2 and involved... More >
Latest News
Facebook Pic Reveals More Than Couple Bargained For
Mise-en-scène is super important in Facebook photos, you guys. It's a lesson one couple learned the hard way when attempting to announce their engagement via the social media platform, WGN reports. According to Yahoo , the couple posted a photo of themselves sitting on the couch, with wife-to-be Miranda Levy pointing... More >
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