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Concerns Over Interest Rates Persist, Investors Should Stick With Health Care

The CNBC 'Fast Money Halftime' traders dissect the anticipation of an interest rate hike, and say investors may be best off sticking with clear winners like health care stocks.
7 Steps to Perfect Foundation Application

Is your foundation off-base? Follow these expert tips to get it right every time
College Presidents Dish on Doubts about Affordability, But Do So Anonymously

Gallup Education survey finds pessimism in presidential suite at the nation's colleges and universities
Must-Have Products to Make Pores Do a Disappearing Act

The latest shrinkers, fighters and minimizers for those up-close #nofilter selfies
Rothschild Alternatives Fund Benefitting From Rallying Dollar, Falling Energy

Larch Lane's Charles Korchinski says his fund is outperforming the market by employing a multi-faceted strategy.
Joni Mitchell in Intensive Care

Joni Mitchell was rushed to the hospital after being found unconscious at her Los Angeles home yesterday afternoon, TMZ reports. The singer-songwriter regained consciousness in the ambulance and "is currently in intensive care undergoing tests," according to official website jonimitchell.com , which urged fans to "Light a candle and sing...
Robin Williams Locked Down His Image for 25 Years

Robin Williams' children are fighting his widow in court over how to divide his belongingsand one of the exhibits in the court battle reveals that Williams protected the use of his image in what the Hollywood Reporter calls an "innovative, cutting-edge" way that "just might become a model for...
Going to the Doctor? Dont Give Out Your Social Security Number

Your Social Security number is gold to identity thieves, and medical ID theft surged in the past year. Here's how to protect yourself.
Americans Are Still Charging, but That May Not Be a Bad Sign

Americans are still in love their credit cards and may be getting smarter on how to use them.
Video: Home equity rates for Nov. 13, 2014

The average home equity line of credit rate rose this week.
5 lousy ways to save (and how to do better)

Can't get off the paycheck-to-paycheck, no-savings treadmill? Here's how to fix that.
How can a company increase its return on total assets?

Learn about return on total assets (ROTA) and how a business can increase its ratio by increasing revenue, decreasing expenses or reducing total assets.
What does it mean when I get a maintenance margin call?

Understand how maintenance margin calls work, and learn about how margin requirements are different for trading stock versus futures contracts.
Cynthia Lennon, John's Ex, Has Died

Cynthia Lennon, who was Cynthia Powell before she married John Lennon in 1962, has died. She was 75. Fox News reports that Cynthia's son Julian Lennon confirmed the news, and Billboard has this statement from her rep: "Cynthia Lennon passed away today at her home in Mallorca, Spain following a...
10 Countries With The Biggest Forex Reserves

Without adequate reserves, a nation's economy can grind to a halt. Here are the 10 nations with the biggest forex reserves.
Owner of 840-Pound Emerald May Finally Be Decided

An 840-pound emerald is still without a clear owner after six years in police custody, but that could be settled soon in Los Angeles Superior Court. Judge Michael Johnson says a case to determine the rightful owner of the 180,000-carat Bahia Emerald, found in Brazil in 2001, will move...
5 Ways to Deal With Caregiver Stress

How to take care of yourself while you're caring for others.
Getting remarried. What the HECM?

What if the sole borrower on a reverse mortgage dies and the remaining spouse gets hitched again?
Video: Mortgage rates for March 19, 2015

Mortgage rates pulled back this week.
How to Build the Perfect Smoothie

With our magic formula, you can whip up your own good-for-you blends
National mortgage rates for March 26, 2015

See rates from our survey of CDs, mortgages, home equity products, auto loans and credit cards.
13 Ways Inflammation Can Affect Your Health

You can't live without inflammation, but it can also be hazardous to your health.
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Indiana Woman to Serve 20 Years for Feticide in US First
On Monday, 33-year-old Purvi Patel became the first US woman to be "charged, convicted, and sentenced for the crime of feticide for having attempted to end her own pregnancy," according to a press release issued by National Advocates for Pregnant Women . In its report, the Washington Post notes that while... More >
Latest News
California Gets First-Ever Rules to Limit Water Use
California Gov. Jerry Brown made history today, but not in a way he's happy about: He ordered the state's first-ever mandatory water restrictions amid a brutal drought, reports CBS Local . A slew of new rules will aim to curb water use by 25% over nine months. "It's a different world,... More >
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